Weekend Fun



This typewriter suggests a diligence I did not feel this weekend. Once I was done with the day job on Saturday, I left the bank and dove into my weekend. I did not touch the computer once until Sunday evening, so no writing got done at all. But I bought a strawberry plant in a tea cup at Vintage Hendo, I had wonderful meals with friends and enjoyed the end of Blackberry Winter aka the beginning of true summer in the mountains.  I even spent a moment chatting to Mrs. Bitty Bunny, trying to win her over the way I won over her husband. I think it is going to take a little longer before this furry creature trusts me, though she did stay and listen for a minute.

I hope the new week brings each and every one of you joy in abundance.

Mrs. Bitty and BabyMrs. Bitty and Baby Bitty Bunnies

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