Success and Joy

I have to admit that I am very out of touch with the business end of writing. I do not spend a lot of time worrying about how my books are doing because I work so many hours at my day job. The time I have away from the bank is sacred, and money in relation to my books is the last thing I want to think about. I’ll get the early sales numbers from HOW TO SEDUCE A SCOT soon. While this will tell me how it sold in the first month it was out, those numbers will not be a complete picture of my new book’s success.

To me, the book, both books, are a success already. Because they brought me so much joy, first in the writing of them, and then in the sharing of them with all of you. I hope Broadswords and Ballrooms appeals to lots of readers and does well…all authors pray for that. But even if they don’t, I love them still. That love and the joy it brings me are pay the same way a royalty check is.

I suppose the ideal situation is when joy and money come together, hand in hand, like beautiful tow-headed twins.

But whether those twins show up on my doorstep like the blessing they are, I have to admit, my writing already brings me joy in abundance.

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