2 thoughts on “Regency Friday: Fun on Harlequin Junkie”

  1. i’ve bought all of your novels and just finished and enjoyed How to Wed a Warrior. i read the excerpt from How to Train Your Highlander and noticed that the Earl in How to Wed is the Earl of Grathton and the Earl in How to Train is the Earl of Grantham – the title of the (mythical) Earl who lives at Downton Abbey. So either there are two Earls who were menaced by Mary Elizabeth or you need to make a change at the beginning of the novel.

    1. Hi Jane! Thanks so much for reading my books! I am honored 🙂 And it sounds like there’s a typo in the first chapter of the new book…I will fix that before it comes out. I am a devoted fan of Downton Abbey… I must have had our Earl on the brain that day LOL 🙂 Happy reading to you!

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