Gratitude and Yard Critters

Bitty Bunny

Gratitude has been alive in my heart lately. Seeing my latest series come to life has lit the fire of gratitude with the beautiful cover that Sourcebooks Casablanca has given me. As the Sourcebooks team works so hard with me to make the books the best we can, with two content editors and a slew of copy editors and proof readers going over every line, I feel humbled by the time and attention that others spend on the stories that are so close to my heart.

Also, it is summer, and there deep green of my home mirrors the joyful abundance I feel. The birds and rabbits and chipmunks are busy right outside my writing window, eating the bird seed I toss out for them. It does make me wonder how they know it’s there, as it blends into the grass, but the critter network is better than any internet we will ever devise. They know its there, and they chow down.

The waterfall behind my house keeps up a steady and constant flow of white noise which filters though the trees and into my home whenever it is cool enough to leave the windows open. And living in the mountains of Western NC, sometimes it is cool enough in the evenings, even in summer.

So as fall starts to come into the mountains, I’ll keep working on my books, grateful all the while for the opportunity to write the stories I love to tell.

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