The Breathings of Our Hearts

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.  ~William Wordsworth

This is one of my favorite quotes on writing, from one of my favorite sources. In the midst of our work, in the midst of trying so hard to get it right, there are times when we forget this. We want our books to be the best they can. We want to give those books the life blood of our hearts, the cleanest plot structures, well-faceted characters, all the while remembering to tell the truth. Our truth, which we hope will be a truth that also belongs to someone else. That is why we do this work after all. To tell our truths to others, and to have them hear us. The closer we listen to the breathings of our hearts, the closer to those truths we come.

1 thought on “The Breathings of Our Hearts”

  1. Christy, I loved this post. I love the sound of that…..The breathings of your heart. That can go for how you live your life also. Always listen to those breathings of your heart and stay true to them and you can’t go wrong.

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