Why Do We Write?

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Why do we write?

To find the shadow of ourselves in the faces of our characters.

To explore times where we have never been, places that we will never see.

To discover what is lost, to heal what is broken.

To walk the road to Santiago, to begin a quest, to see the face of God.

There are other reasons, as many as there are visible stars in the sky.

But for today, these reasons are enough.

7 thoughts on “Why Do We Write?”

  1. I love the reasons you give above. They are all wonderfully valid, but… may I add another:

    Sometimes I write (say it softly, softly, softly). Sometimes I write for Vengeance; to get Revenge! It’s a wonderful feeling… and it hurts nobody, because the persons in question left this Earth long ago…

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Always enjoy your thought provoking written words, Christy. Some times I write to gain insight of my true thoughts and feelings. A way of expressing real wishes.

  3. Wonderfully true and poetic. When I write fiction, I am able to see my own shadow in ways I could never touch otherwise. Oddly, fiction might not be historically true, ( it really happened), but I do find it emotionally more true than non-fiction, and usually more honest.

  4. Thank you, Keith and David. I agree with both of you…I’ve found a lot of truth in fiction, in the fiction I write and the fiction I read.

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