Gratitude and Walking the Labyrinth

This Saturday, I had the good fortune to once again walk the labyrinth at the Church of the Servant in Wilmington, NC. I had not taken this walk since the new year. Winter and spring slipped away from me without another visit to that sacred space. But this Saturday, I managed to go.

Usually when walking the labyrinth, I hold some problem in my mind, some burden that I want to put down. But when I arrived at the church and began my walk in the old circular, spiraling pattern, I found my thoughts centered only on joy and gratitude. I am a fortunate woman with a great deal to be thankful for: family, friends, my work, my life. So I left with a profound, deepened sense of all these things, and of my gratitude for them.

I am grateful also for this online community, for the community of readers and writers that I have become a part of.  There is always a continued striving for excellence, for sales, for growing markets. But there is also, in the midst of the daily work that comes with being an author, gratitude for all I have been given. If you’re reading this, you are part of all that I am grateful for.

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