Winners Write the Histories

It is an old adage, and a true one, that winners write the histories. Sometimes the histories that survive are the tales told by an enemy. This is often true for Eleanor…so many enemies wrote her history. I am glad we are taking it back.

Apache is a Navaho word for enemy. Enemy is the name by with the Apache people are known to this day. Their true name is Inde, meaning the People.

“When the enemy writes your history, “enemy” is what he names you. But our history is written in the stars. It is written on our hearts.”

2 Responses to “Winners Write the Histories

  • As happened w/ poor Richard III but for Josephine Tey et al.

  • Christy
    9 years ago

    Liz. I am fond of the House of Lancaster but that is a good point. We have only to watch Shakespeare’s Richard III to see evidence of the demonization of R III…

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