When New Characters Come Knocking

Iwonder how other writers feel when they are deep intoa project, fully commited as I am to Eleanor, and as they work, a new set of characters show up like refugees from a burning building who want to tell their story. A new idea has arrived, and I am listening, making notes and thinking through the intricacies of the story. As I wait for notes on my latest Eleanor synopsis, it is exciting to go down a different path, into unexplored country. I wonder what I will find there.

How do other writers feel when new ideas come in the middle of a project? Do they feel overwhelmed? Confused? Or just happy that the Muse is still speaking to them?

4 Responses to “When New Characters Come Knocking

  • I can’t speak to writing but I have the same things happen when I am working on an art piece. If somethings tugs that strongly at me then I figure that it must be because that color, piece, technique is the right thing!
    Whenever the muse appears I am most wholeheartedly grateful!

  • Amen to that, Marie. I love the Muse in all her guises…please keep sending us ideas…

  • I must admit that I feel frustrated, even though I should feel grateful that I am getting new ideas. I get frustrated because the ideas flow faster than I can capture them & they slip away like water through a sieve if I can’t write them down that instant. & I lose my train of though on the current story. It is unproductive to just jot down ideas but never finish anything. I wish ideas would organize themselves to come sequentially, after each story is finished!

  • I know what you mean Amanda…it can be overwhelming. I don’t want the flood to stop, I just want to feel I have a grasp on the new ideas…

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