What Inspires Us to Write?

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What inspires us to write?

When we are satified with our lives, feeling fulfilled and happy, do we feel the same need to create as when we are struggling?


I know that many of my books have come from a place of discontent as I work toward wrestling with the way the world so often works and my discontent with those ways. For me, especially with my romantic fiction, writing is a way to make the world resemble the place I would have it be: a place where true love always triumphs, where even the most unlikely men and women find the right person to live with in joy for the rest of their lives.


I am looking forward to writing Anthony sister’s story. Ann Carrington is the girl who is ruined and living alone in Richmond at the end of HOW TO TAME A WILLFUL WIFE, hiding from the world, from the man she fears and from her grief, which follows her everywhere. I am looking forward to watching her triumph over her pain, and find a real man to love instead of Victor Carlyle’s nasty treatment. Ann deserves better, and I want her to get it.


I suppose that is another reason I write: to make sure my characters are happy. I love to see happy people finding their way to each other, which is why romance is my favorite genre. There is a lot to be said for the words “And they lived happily ever after.”


2 Responses to “What Inspires Us to Write?

  • I agree, Christy. There is enough hardship and misery in the world that I don’t always wnt to read about it. What could be better than finding a true love and a happily ever after? Tweeted and shared

    • Christy
      7 years ago

      You sweet darling Nancy! I agree completely. Give me love! Give me bliss! In real life and on the page!

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