What Do You Love to Write?

No doubt by now all of you know that I love to write historical fiction. Specifically, I love to write about Eleanor of Aquitaine. And I am not alone…many talented writers are drawn to this great lady again and again, fleshing out her life, working to make her come alive once more for our readers. Eleanor is an inspiring woman.

I love writing historical fiction. I find that when a story idea comes to me, it invariably happened somewhere deep in the past. There is something about the medieval world that draws me, just as there is something about romance that draws me in, that makes me want to sit and dream awhile with my characters.

Most of the writers I know also write historical fiction, but I wonder how many other genres my writer friends dabble in? Does anyone have a penchant for mystery? Or science fiction? What other worlds open up under your pen? What is your favorite kind of story to tell?

4 Responses to “What Do You Love to Write?

  • I wish that I had the motivation to write! I would love to write a book, but I have neither the motivation nor the patience to write a book. Maybe someday I’ll do it?!

  • Christy
    9 years ago

    Kimberly, I hope you do! You can always start with short stories, but maybe there is a book lurking in the back of your mind…:) How cool would that be?

  • I love medieval historical fiction, but it’s a very crowded field and I don’t think I could compete. I chose to specialize in 17th-century England and America with its complicated socio-religious politics and relationships. It’s a huge challenge to tell the story in an entertaining manner when the story had so many deeply-rooted factors that must be explained. I must do justice to the remarkable people involved.

    I’m published in another genre with an entirely different set of friends, fans and colleagues: religious/inspirational. I keep a blog with a hundred-some published pieces reproduced there. When I was blessedly and gainfully employed (before the Great Depression), I wrote and edited the print and web communications of a humanitarian nonprofit with Christian roots.

  • Christy
    9 years ago

    Christy, if you love medieval historical fiction, write it. No one has heard it from your voice. No one can tell your stories but you. 17th Century England needs you too, though. I will be happy to read your books, whatever the period.

    And how cool is it that you are also a Christian Inspirational writer? This is why I asked this question…to find out cool things like that.

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