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I am writing and traveling around the Southeast yet again, going to book signings and visiting family and friends. This Saturday I had an amazing time with Arleigh of fame at her bookstore, the Book Worm. I got to meet readers, and of course, talk about Eleanor and Alais, so it was a delightful morning. Arleigh was able to work me in for lunch after that, and we had a great time eating nachos and fajitas and talking about Lady Godiva and Eleanor. Can we ever get enough of the characters we love?

Today I am late blogging because I got the chance to go hiking with Amy of Passages to the Past. We walked under the beautiful changing trees near the Chatahoochee River. The sound of water over rocks was incredibly soothing after all thedriving I did last week, and we saw deer, chipmunks, squirrels, swans and geese. On top of that, Amy and I got to talk books, an amazing opportunity for me, a writer who usually works alone in a room, or on a borrowed porch.

Arleigh and Amy, thank you both for making my time in Atlanta so amazing…

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