The Sunshine Award

I was thrilled to discover that I have been awarded the Sunshine Award for those “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.” I love it! And I love the word Blogosphere 🙂


Many thanks to Sheila Webster Boneham for nominating my blog for this award. We all try to bring a little more light into the world. Sheila, with her fabulous blog Write Here, Write Now with Sheila Boneham does that beautifully.

MidSummer Night Cover Small


Instead of me answering the following questions, Arabella Hawthorne, the leading lady in my upcoming Regency romance, LOVE ON A MIDSUMMER NIGHT, is going to do the honors.

Favorite Color: Cornflower blue
Favorite Animal: A white Persian cat, though she has never had one as a pet. Also, she would like a huge English mastiff, for protection.
Favorite Number: 17, the age she was when she fell in love with Raymond Olivier
Favorite Non-alcoholic Drink: Hot tea
Facebook or Twitter?: Arabella lives in 1818, and does not understand this question. (As for myself, I love them both)
Your Passion: Freedom. Arabella wants to be happy, and to live free of men who want to hurt and control her, like her father, and her husband’s heir, the new Duke of Hawthorne.
Giving or getting presents: She prefers to give, though she never had enough pin money to give presents until her husband died
Favorite Day: Midsummer’s Eve, the longest day of the year. Arabella loves the sunshine.
Favorite Flowers: Roses, wisteria, and Queen Anne’s lace. People say that the last flower is a weed, but Arabella disagrees.
And now, to announce the winners of the Sunshine Award:
Jo Ann Butler, author of the fabulous Indie historical fiction novels REBEL PURITAN and REPUTED WIFE
Nancy S. Goodman, a writer and amazing blogger who dives daily into romance, giving authors a forum in which to shine.

8 Responses to “The Sunshine Award

  • Can’t wait to read this! 🙂

    • Christy
      7 years ago

      Thank you Maria! I can’t wait to hear what you think of it…August is such a long time away!

  • Thank you so much for awarding me this honor Christy!

    • Christy
      7 years ago

      I am thrilled to do it, Nancy. You bring more sunshine into the world 🙂

  • Great interview. I tweeted.

  • I can’t see your email but was wondering will you write about Anthony carryington earl of ravensbrook and his friend? I would love to read a story where you bring both people together. (Anne & lord pembroke )

    • Christy
      7 years ago

      Zoie, I’m very interested in telling Anne’s story, I’m just not sure when. She needs a happy ending 🙂 I adore Pembroke. He’s the man in my next novel LOVE ON A MIDSUMMER NIGHT…so stay tuned 🙂

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