Taking a New Road

Eleanor of Aquitaine, the lady I most admire in all the world, was always making herself over. She would change her life, in the face of great odds, whenever she felt change was needed. And she did not just change her hair or the color of her gowns, she changed husbands, kingdoms, her entire world. These changes always cost her something, her old identity, her past, even her children, but always Eleanor moved forward and kept doing what she felt needed to be done to be true to herself. Yet another reason to admire and love her.

The last few days I have been thinking about the need for change in life, and whether or not I embrace it or run from it. I found this quote on a old bookmark, and I love it. So I am going to post it here. It is still relevant almost 20 years later. I am not sure who wrote this, so I have to give the credit to Anonymous.

“By doing what needs to be done right now, we make the most of the present moment.

As long as we are alive, we are free to begin again.

Instead of following an old, worn-out habit, make a fresh start this moment on the rest of your life.

Each day is a new start.

Each moment is a beginning.”

6 Responses to “Taking a New Road

  • Peggy Michaels
    9 years ago

    I’ve followed the advice, and started two writing projects today–one fiction, and the second non fiction. Have to admit the fiction felt far more comfortable, but I worry that I’m just parroting all the novels I’ve read, and don’t have a style of my own.

  • Christy
    9 years ago

    Peggy when we start we always sound derivative, especially to our own ears. Just keep writing. You will find your voice. Congratulations on getting started!

  • Need to read your book as 1968 version of Lion of Winter did not present an Eleanore whom I considered admirable. Well, actually, no one was.

  • Christy
    9 years ago

    I totally understand your POV Liz. I am so in love with these people that I no longer see their dark sides…but they do have them.

  • Christy
    9 years ago

    Liz thank you so much for the link to this wonderful post…for Cecelia Holland and myself, all roads leadto Eleanor…:)

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