Romance and Beauty

Photo provided by Carolyn Williams

A friend of a friend took this photo, and Carolyn was so inspired by it that she sent it on to me.  I am not certain where this photo was taken…Maine? France? North Carolina? (Where Carolyn and I are from) In a way, it doesn’t matter, because this photo, the beauty of an unknown place, reflects the beauty I search for every time I turn on my computer or pick up my pen. Because romance novels are about good plots, fun characters and hot love scenes, but also something more. Romance is an attempt to capture the ephemeral, the beauty of love that can not be conveyed in words. Paintings and photos do a better job, but sometimes our words come close.

When I look at this photo where sea and sky meet, I see those cottages by the water and wonder who is living there, and what their stories are. We all have a story to tell, though we don’t often think of that. Our lives are our stories, as filled with beauty as they are filled with pain. So here’s to the beauty in life, and our attempts to capture it. May our eyes see, may our cameras and canvases reveal, and may our words find the right way to illuminate that beauty for those times when we are alone in the dark.

2 Responses to “Romance and Beauty

  • Carolyn Williams
    8 years ago

    Photographer: Skip Simonds in Maine

    • Christy
      8 years ago

      Thank you Carolyn…and thank you Skip. I have always heard that Maine is beautiful.

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