Revisions: Seeking the Perfect Novel

I have been reading and loving a great many Regency romances by Nicola Cornick as I begin the revisions on my first Regency romance, How To Tame A Willful Wife. There is such joy in reading good books, in being transported by a clever story and,  more importantly, in coming to know and love an author’s characters. Nicola Cornick does all these things: transports me, brings me joy while creating fabulous characters with whom I can fall in love.

As I begin the revisions on my own novel, I keep the lessons of Nicola Cornick’s work in mind. As I revamp the book, I search for the balance between conflict and maintaining tension in the plot and drawing real characters on the page who are genuinely in love. It is my job not only to tell a good story, the story my characters want told, but also to bring those characters to life on the page in the same vibrant way they live in my mind. It is a joyous challenge. Though I may never reach the ideal of perfection, the harder I work, the closer I can get to it.

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