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Victoria Vane




5 Stars for JEWEL OF THE EAST by Victoria Vane


Why do we read Georgian romance? Or any romance for that matter?

For pleasure. For escape. To visit the world of the rich and beautiful, and to watch as they fall in love. To remember when we fell in love ourselves.

Victoria Vane’s JEWEL OF THE EAST allows us to do all that, and more. But it also takes us deeper, reminding us that life does offer second chances, if we are brave enough to take them. Life does offer new roads to walk on, if we find the courage within ourselves to step onto that path, and take the first steps toward building a new life. JEWEL OF THE EAST shows us that love can heal, and make us whole. Not because we find another part of ourselves buried in another, but because love for another can lead us to find the lost part of us that is buried within ourselves. Love gives us the tools to unearth those lost part, to make ourselves whole.


Serious today, aren’t I? Please don’t think that just because JEWEL OF THE EAST  is inspiring, it isn’t also fun. It’s a joy to watch Salime come together with her Sin, and to find love and pleasure in his arms. It’s a fun romp, with lots of hot scenes. But it might also make you think, about your own love, for yourself and for others, and where that love, rightly inspired, can take you.


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  • Thank you so much Christy for your lovely remarks! I’m so glad you enjoyed Simon and Salime’s journey to love and healing.

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