Regency Friday: Love and Jane Austen

In my perusals and perambulations this week, I had the pleasure of finding yet another lovely blog devoted to Jane Austen. Jane Austen: Her Life and Works touches on one of my favorite themes, one that pervades most of Jane’s novels. Namely, romantic love.

Jane Austen is a stable, certain voice in an uncertain world. As I read her novels, I hear her hesitation to insist on love’s power, though it runs through each of her books. It seems to me that Jane is a sensible woman, a woman as concerned with the realities of family, social class and money as she is with love itself. But her devotion to love still shines through, and is the enduring reason I have adored her books all my life.

In his fabulous blog, Jane Austen: Her Life and Works, Ivan explores the development of romantic love in Jane Austen’s fiction, beginning with her juvenile work and moving into her world-renowned novels. Hit the link below, and enjoy. I learned a lot from this post…



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