Regency Friday: Dark Jane Austen

This week I had the pleasure of discovering yet another fabulous Jane Austen site. This one came to me via my Google + friend, Mary C.M. Philips who wrote a fabulous post comparing Fanny in MANSFIELD PARK with Jane in Charlotte Bronte’s JANE EYRE.

The Influential, Inspirational Jane Austen Still

The entire site is filled with gems like these, articles on Mansfield Park and Mummies, the work of Mary Shelley, and Colonel Brandon’s diary. There are so many wonderful novels being written set in the world that Jane Austen created, and the members of this site take pleasure in exploring them. I know I enjoyed my visit to the Dark Jane Austen, and I know that I will be back.

2 Responses to “Regency Friday: Dark Jane Austen

  • I’m so glad Mary helped you find us, and that you enjoyed what you found. We tend to go towards the darker end of the spectrum, but always we come back to Jane Austen.

    • Christy
      8 years ago

      It just goes to show how versatile and modern Jane really is…just one of the reasons we all still love her.

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