Out of the Darkness

As much as I love quotes from Eleanor, like Monday’s blog, today I find myself delving into a new world brought by characters I do not know very well yet. It is fascinating, because when I started working with Eleanor, she had been a character in my novels for years. So I already knew a great deal about her when she joined The Queen’s Pawn as the second narrative voice. And after writing To Be Queen, I feel that I know her that much better. So many layers of complicated emotion and thought…Eleanor issomeone that Icould write about for the rest of my life and neversee all there is to know about her.

And now, for the first time in years, I am beginning to work with four new characters, none based on real people in history, justchracters who came to me with their story, hoping I can write it for them. I have no idea whether these new characters will stay long enough to write a novel…novel writing is an odyssey in itself, and the characters always have to be willing to work as long and as hard as I do. If we manage to write enough to begin another book, I hope to do them justice. When the dead come to us out of the darkness of the past, the least we can do is try to hear them.

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