Multi-Author Hop for World of the De Wolfe Pack

I am thrilled to be part of the Multi-Author Hop for WORLD OF THE DE WOLFE PACK this week!









Please leave a comment below for a chance to win…


Dragon Fire Smaller


A DRAGON FIRE mug filled with chocolate…

Roland and Mati mug


A signed copy of my upcoming Regency romance HOW TO SEDUCE A SCOT

HT Seduce a Scot Final

He’s the terror of the ton…

The plan is simple:
1. Descend from the Highlands to face the aggravation of a London Season;
2. Foist his wild sister off on some gullible English lord;
3. Retreat before the ladies of the scandalized ton can get any ideas.

Determined to see his hellion of a sister wed, Highlander Alexander Waters is willing to face anything-even the English. He just didn’t expect his own rough manners to cause such a riot…or for a blooming English rose to catch his eye.

Gently bred Catherine Middlebrook must find a respectable man to marry or her family will be ruined. She won’t allow herself to be distracted by Highland barbarians…no matter how her body may thrill whenever Alex is near.

Catherine wasn’t part of the plan, but as their battle of wills escalates, Alex comes to realize this “proper” English girl is as wild as the Highlands themselves…and nothing will stop him from having her.

Broadswords and Ballrooms:
How to Seduce a Scot
How to Wed a Warrior
How to Train Your Highlander



1) Elizabeth Rose                  9) Eliza Knight

2) Kathryn Le Veque         10) Lana Williams

3) Victoria Vane                 11) Barbara Devlin

4) Christina McKnight       12) Amanda Mariel

5) Anna Markland               13) Violetta Rand

6) Christy English              14) Scarlett Cole

7) Victoria Zak                   15) Meara Platt

8) Catherine Kean              16) Hildie McQueen

41 Responses to “Multi-Author Hop for World of the De Wolfe Pack

  • Leigh hilson
    5 years ago

    I loved you book Dragon Fire and so looking forward to my birthday on Dec 1 so i can get my copy of How to Seduce a Scot it relesae date and my birthday are the same

    • Christy
      5 years ago

      Thank you Leigh! I am so happy uou loved Roland and Mati 🙂 I hope you love HOW TO SEDUCE A SCOT too. Thanks for joining us in our blog hop fun 🙂

  • I would love to have a copy of your new book. Love the waterfalls pictures also.

    • Christy
      5 years ago

      Thank you so much for playing Sylvia! I love waterfalls too 🙂

  • Karen A Capps
    5 years ago

    I love, love, love Christy English ! Yummy books.

  • How to Seduce a Scot sounds like a fun story, putting it on my to buy list

  • Jo Anne V
    5 years ago

    awesome thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway

    • Christy
      5 years ago

      Thank you Joann V! I am so glad you’ve joined in 🙂

  • I am always looking for new authors to read. Your book sounds like the kind I really enjoy reading.
    I have added it to my TBR list.

    • Christy
      5 years ago

      Thanks so much Joye! You guys are making my day 🙂

  • Ashley M
    5 years ago

    Thanks for the chance! This looks awesome!

  • Michele Hayes
    5 years ago

    I love book hops, thanks for the chance to win.

    • Christy
      5 years ago

      Thanks Ashley and Michele! I am so glad you guys are playing with us 🙂

  • Debbie Haston
    5 years ago

    Thanks for the chance to win some great prizes!

  • OOh I would love any of those books.

    • Christy
      5 years ago

      Thanks Debbie and Petula! Thanks for hopping with us 🙂

  • I love it when a plan never goes quite as simple as the hero thinks it should and How to Seduce A Scot sounds like my kind of book 🙂 Can’t wait to read it.

    • Christy
      5 years ago

      LOL Thanks Joy! Alexander has his work cut out for him with his sister and the woman he loves. What a hoot! I hope you enjoy it 🙂

  • Love the excerpts you’ve posted for How to Seduce a Scott! I’ve had the kindle version on preorder for awhile! And awesome cover for How to Wed a Warrior!

  • Congratulations on your release! I like when a group of authors do series or bundles because I find authors who are new for me.

  • I love the cover of ‘How to Seduce a Scot’, and would love to read it. A coffee cup full of chocolate would be lovely!

  • Shamona Hagan
    5 years ago

    I look forward to checking out your books! They look good and from what I read they sound like my type of books.

  • Thanks for sharing your talent in this new Kindle world. It’s great having stories of many styles and eras linked by a family history.

  • Judy Schechter
    5 years ago

    What a fun way to discover new authors! And I’d love to win that cool mug filled with chocolate, yum!

  • Beautiful cover! Chocolate and great stories, thanks!

  • candy briggs
    5 years ago

    I look forward to reading your books and thank you for the chance.

  • Heather santoro siguenza
    5 years ago

    Can’t wait till I read it, sou.dsl to be a yummy read. Happy thanksgiving to whom celebrate 🙂

  • Thank you for this wonderful chance to win these wonderful prizes!

  • I’m looking forward to reading this book.
    Happy Holidays

  • Natasha Persaud
    5 years ago

    Thank you for this opportunity… wish you many more successes with your writhing and also look forward to reading many more books from you

  • fun hop

  • Christy
    5 years ago

    I am so glad you guys have come to play with us on our hop! It’s so much fun 🙂 Thanks for joining in 🙂

  • Virginia H
    5 years ago

    Great giveaway

  • Christy Lindow
    5 years ago

    I really enjoyed the excerpt, I would love to read either of those books. Thank you for a great opportunity. On a personal note It’s rare to see the exact spelling of my name.

  • Thank you for the chance

  • elena k
    5 years ago

    thanks for the chance! happy thanksgiving!

  • Kelley L
    5 years ago

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Can’t wait to read.

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