Manuscript Locked and New Adventures Beginning

I got the best news while I was away in West Virginia…the manuscript for TO BE QUEEN is locked. Lovely! It is a happy sense of accomplishment to know that all the hard work going into the story of Eleanor’s rise to power as Duchess of Aquitaine and as Queen of France can now be directed into the next project. Though the work moves on, I am taking this moment to savor the joy of knowing that TO BE QUEEN is the best I could make it. Of course, I want the next book to be even better still, but that is where the continued work comes in.

2 Responses to “Manuscript Locked and New Adventures Beginning

  • Congratulations!! I”m looking forward to reading it and hopefully you can take a little break before you move on to the next project. Any hints as to what it will be about??

  • Thanks, Daphne! I am thrilled to see To Be Queen signed and sealed…now we just have to copy edit it, etc…As far as the next project goes, I am hoping that it will once again be about…you guessed it…Eleanor.

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