Manuscript Back in My Hands

I am so excited…TO BE QUEEN is back in my hands…this should be the last pass (only minor changes) before we lock it. This spring, Eleanor will live once again in my book, as she lives in all the others coming out this year.

I just finished CAPTIVE QUEEN…I read it in one day…swallowed it whole, really. What an amazing woman! Though this is a very different Eleanor from the woman I have come to know in my own work, I am thrilled to have been in the company of Alison Weir’s vision. And Cecelia Holland’s book, THE SECRET ELEANOR will arrive on Monday! I am surrounded by Eleanor, which means I am in heaven.

6 Responses to “Manuscript Back in My Hands

  • Go Christy, Go Christy! Work that manuscript girl! Heehee!

    I’m looking forward to your thoughts on The Captive Queen and The Secret Eleanor. Besides the uh TMI scene in the beginning of The Secret Eleanor it wasn’t half bad, but I still wish the synopsis wasn’t so misleading.

    Have a great day Christy!

  • Thank you for the supportive cheers, Amy! They are music to my ears…I really enjoyed Captive Queen and I have no doubt that The Secret Eleanor will be a blast. I could read about Eleanor all day everyday…and sometimes I do…

  • I can’t wait to read To Be Queen. I finished Holland’s book late last week. The thing I love about historical fiction is how different authors interpret the same person and give them different nuances and shades in their personality.

  • Daphne, that’s what I love too…and when a character is as multi-faceted as Eleanor, we really have a lot to work with. What a woman!

  • Excited to hear that your next novel will be ready to go soon! Can’t wait. I really enjoy reading about Eleanor; such a fantastic lady!

  • Ah, Robin, you and me both. Whether reading or writing about her, I can never get enough Eleanor…

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