Letting Creative Fields Lie Fallow

In between drafts, I like to do absolutely nothing. Of course, with deadlines imposed now by outside sources, my editor, my agent, and the publishing house, the time in which to do nothing becomes shorter and shorter, but I still think it is essential to making my work better. Rest is vital of course, but not just for me. The characters and settings, the themes and the narrative, all grow when I leave them alone for a week or for a few days. Things come out of that dark, womb-like time that I never would have discovered if I kept pressing onward, writing and re-writing without letting my subconscious work in silence and stillness.

Has anybody else found this to be true?

4 Responses to “Letting Creative Fields Lie Fallow

  • Christy,
    I too require a little rest every now and then.

    I’ve found if I have to drag myself to the computer and force the words from my brain for too long, none of the words make sense anyway, so I might as well take a few days off.

    Thanks for letting me know others do the same 🙂

    Christi Corbett

  • Christy
    9 years ago

    Christi, we are not alone in this. Let those creative juices rest so they can live to flow again. 🙂

  • Margaret
    9 years ago

    You have an editor, agent, and publishing house?

  • Christy
    9 years ago

    Margaret, while I speak of them possessively, they don’t belong to me. 🙂 I have an agent to represent my work in New York. I have worked with the same editor for both of my novels so far. The editor I have written for works for New American Library.

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