HNS Conference: Where the Dead Live Again

I found myself sitting alone and quiet on Sunday afternoon. The HNS 2011 Conference is done, and I have a smile on my face. I met so many incredible people, some I knew as part of our online community and some I met for the first time. We all were drawn together by our love for the written word, our love for the past, and for the dead.

The dead live again during weekends like this one, as we all share our fascination with and devotion to our loved ones on the page. Some of those people once lived, like Eleanor of Aquitaine. Others come to life only in our minds, on the pages of the books we have written, and the books that we have yet to write.

As we share our love and joy in them, our dead live again. This weekend, we got to share our stories and our characters with each other. What a marvelous gift.

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  • Everything you just said about the Conference — ditto!!! I’m a new member of HNS and this was my first conference. The entire time was simply amazing to me. The sense of community that I discovered was incredible and I felt I had “come home.”

    I chatted briefly with you (in line, typically, at the women’s room) after the panel discussion, “Making Character’s Believable” where you advised writers to “interview the character.” It was so wonderful to hear everything you said — your words have tracked what I have experienced. I am one of those writers who is all about the character(s). For me, they often contain their own magic.

    And this past weekend’s Conference also contained its very own magic as well.

  • Christy
    9 years ago

    Amanya, the book is the boss to me, and the characters are my partners in telling their stories. I am so grateful the panel helped you…as you keep working, I hope your own characters help you even more.

  • Christy, one of the best moments was when I was in the south tower elevator with several other people who were not with the conference and a man looked at my conference name tag and said, “Oh, you must be an author.” It was such a great feeling to be just an author this past weekend rather than a teacher who writes in her spare time.

    I’m about a quarter into The Queen’s Pawn. I’m biting my nails because I know historically what happens and the anticipation of that moment that will change everything for Alais is killing me!

  • You’re absolutely right, it was fantastic! I know very few people who are writers, and even fewer who like history, so this was a rare opportunity to connect.

    It was great meeting you there!

  • Christy
    9 years ago

    Teralyn, it was fabulous to get to meet you in person…even two weeks later I am basking in the warm and loving energy from our conference. We have such an amazing community.

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