Fridays and Joy


I love Fridays. Most people who work a regular 9 to 5 job do. Even on the weeks, like this one, when I will have to work half a day on Saturday as well, I still love Fridays.

 Pink Tree

There is something about knowing that the work week is winding down that gives me a sense of peace, of taking a deeper breath, of a relaxation of habitual tension between my shoulder blades. Even now, writing this, I feel that unraveling of tension though I am composing this post on a Wednesday for publication later this week. Fridays are the longest day at my job, 9 hours instead of the usual 8, but they are still a kind of Shangri-La, a pocket of extra joy knowing that weekend is only hours away. And I am not the only one who feels this. All of my co-workers love the last day of the week, too, and so do most of my clients.

 I wish I might bottle that sense of peace and relaxation everyday. It makes me wonder if a regular meditation practice might afford me some of the same peace, some of the same relaxation as a Friday does. I need to try it.

 If daily meditation offers the same kind of tension dissipation, I will let you know.

 Meanwhile, as the week winds down I am enjoying the weekend as it looms like a joyous mountain of quiet fun. I hope your weekend is wonderful, this week and always.

2 Responses to “Fridays and Joy

  • Beautiful picture, thanks for sharing (and good luck with the meditation…it will at least allow you to focus on yourself and hopefully enhance your sense of serenity).

    • Christy
      4 years ago

      Focus is the right word! Meditation helps me focus for sure…which helps me to be conscious as I seek joy in everyday things.

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