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Today’s Monday Fun is a review of my friend Ellen Lee Seltz’s cozy mystery, MR. MOTTLEY GETS HIS MAN. I must admit up front that I was inclined to like this book before I had even read it, because Ellen is a dear friend of mine and has been for over twenty years. But it turns out that dear friends who are like family also write fabulous books. Who knew?!

I know very little about murder mysteries in general and almost nothing about cozy mysteries specifically, but I do know what I like, and I really enjoyed this one. The question is, of course, why did I like it?

The story begins when two completely disparate characters meet, Mr. Mottley, a young lording who has eschewed his title to play at being a regular guy, and his would be valet Baker, a disgraced footman who now hopes only to make a living in the middle of the Great Depression. The mix of these two in the same room leads to so much fun and frolic that I was hooked from the first page. And then the mystery began, and I happily went along for the ride.

A missing diamond, family intrigue, and  murder in a country estate all lead to a cast of characters that made the ride worthwhile. Though Mr. Mottley and Baker were my favorite characters in the novel, with Mottley’s genius and Baker’s handsome, lady-killing ways, the role of villain could have been played by any of the other people in the book, and I had no idea until the end who had actually committed the murder. The novel is filled with beautiful descriptions and rich, evocative language that worked to bring the characters and the situations alive for me. Peppered with humor throughout, the book still manages to ask questions about the nature of evil, and of what evil actually looks like.

An Indie novel listed at only $2.99 on Kindle, this fun novella is a steal. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves mysteries, and honestly, to anyone who enjoys a fun story.  For more on the novel, hit the link below, and tune in for the rest of this week for a two part interview with the author, Ellen Seltz, and a give away of MR. MOTTLEY GETS HIS MAN.


Final Cover small- MMGHM


Mister Mottley Gets His Man is a lighthearted vintage mystery set in Jazz Age England.

Aristocratic sleuth Edmund Mottley always works alone. Aspiring “gentleman’s gentleman” Aloysius Baker just needs work. When an incompetent force meets an irascible object, everything’s gotta give.

This madcap adventure involves a priceless diamond, poison-pen letters, fast cars, hot jazz, and the dreadful misuse of truth serum.





Author Bio:

Ellen Seltz worked in the entertainment industry for nearly twenty years, from Miami to New York and points in between. Her primary roles were actress and producer, but she also served as a comedy sketch writer, librettist, voice artist, propmaster, costumer, production assistant, camera operator and general dogsbody. She turned to fiction writing in the vain hope that the performers would do as they were told.  Joke’s on her. Ellen Seltz is a native of Birmingham, Alabama, where she lives with her two daughters and her husband. She enjoys vegetable gardening and vintage-style sewing.


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