Five Stars for Mary Dyer: Illuminated by Christy K. Robinson




5 Stars for Mary Dyer: Illuminated

My Thoughts:

MARY DYER: ILLUMINATED is an example of historical fiction at its finest. A biographical work spanning the first forty years of Mary’s life, this novel paints beautiful descriptions of old England and old London. The history is amazingly well researched yet the story is smoothly, clearly drawn on the page. I felt as if Westminster and old Lincolnshire lived for me again.

Part of Christy K Robinson’s charm in writing this novel is her use of primary sources. Quotes from the Bible, from speeches of John Donne, from letters written between the characters pepper the novel with pieces of the living past, drawing the reader deeper into it.

The colonial past of New England is full of courage, but also full of desperation. The evils of slavery and the destruction of the native culture coincide with the darkness of some of the early Puritan fathers who torment even their own people in their bid to hold onto power in their budding theocracy. Throughout the storms of nature, culture clashes and failed crops, Mary manages to raise her family with the loving help of her husband, William.

As the book draws to a close, we begin to see how Mary Dyer will be called out of the private sphere of wife and mother into the world of politics and living theology, when she will be drawn to speak for the Light that dwells within her, and within us all. I am looking forward with pleasure to book two of this duet. MARY DYER: ILLUMINATED is a beautiful novel.

Novel Description:

Mary Barrett Dyer, 1611-1660, was comely, dignified, admired for her intellect, and known in the court of King Charles. But how did she become infamous in England and America as a heretic who gave birth to a monster? Was she responsible for curses falling on colonial New England in the form of great earthquakes, signs in the heavens, and plagues? What possessed the ultra-righteous Governor John Winthrop to exhume her baby before one hundred gawkers, revile her in his books, and try to annex Rhode Island to get its exiles back under Boston’s control?  In Mary Dyer Illuminated, follow William and Mary Dyer from the plague streets and royal courts of London to the wilderness of America where they co-founded the first democracy of the New World 135 years before the Declaration of Independence. They were only getting started. In the second of two volumes, Mary Dyer: For Such a Time as This, the Dyers return to war-torn England and lay a foundation for liberty that resonates in the 21st century. Why did beautiful, wealthy Mary Dyer deliberately give up her six children, husband, and privileged lifestyle to suffer prison and death on the gallows?  The two novels are compelling, provocative, and brilliantly written, blending historical fact and fiction to produce a thoroughly beautiful work you won’t want to put down. The author has reconstructed a forgotten world by researching the culture, religions, and politics of England and America, personal relationships, enemies, and even the events of nature, to discover who they were.  ***** “Mary Barrett Dyer is one of very few 17th-century women who are remembered today. She is usually described as a Quaker hanged in the cause of religious freedom, but genealogists and historians know there is much more to her. Christy K Robinson brings the Dyers to vivid life for the rest of us, weaving superb fiction with what is known into a penetrating novel. Robinson’s research is flawless, and her engaging characters invite you into their brilliantly imagined world. Brava!”  – Jo Ann Butler, author of Rebel Puritan trilogy.

Christy Robinson, author

About the Author:

Christy K Robinson is a freelance copy editor of books, magazines, and websites. She recently published the first of two biographical novels on Mary Dyer, an Englishwoman who committed civil disobedience in the cause of liberty of conscience and separation of church and state. Mary Dyer Illuminated is available in paperback and Kindle editions, worldwide. The next publications are a Kindle-only nonfiction handbook on 17th-century culture of the Dyers called The Dyers of London, Boston and Newport, followed by volume two of the novel, Mary Dyer: For Such a Time as This.

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