Falling in Love in Regency England with Nicola Cornick

As I have mentioned, Nicola Cornick’s latest novel, FORBIDDEN, is out, and I have it in hand. I am about to dive in, and I can’t wait.


What is it about the Regency period that draws us back to it again and again? Is it the clothes?  There is something graceful about the Grecian line of the gowns that appeals to me. Such elegant simplicity is lovely. Not to mention that they look a lot more comfortable than the gowns that came before and after them.


Photo from Dragonfly Formals


Maybe I have Jane Austen to thank for making me fall in love with this time period. I had the joyous pleasure of playing Lizzie in a high school production of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE the same year I read that novel for the first time. Like so many others, Lizzie and Mr. Darcy made me fall in love with the world Jane Austen created. She drew my imagination into the Regency period and kept it there.

Modern Regency romance has been one of my favorite genres even before I was writing my own stories.  Nicola Cornick’s latest novel is drawing me right back into the Regency again. FORBIDDEN is about a lady’s maid who discovers that she has inherited a title. I love this idea…as it happens, there were titles that could be passed down directly to women in Regency England.  I find yet another pleasure in Nicola Cornick’s work…I get to learn something new.

FORBIDDEN is available on Nooks & paperback on B&N.com If you’re a fan of great Regency fiction, come and check it out.



As maid to some of the most wanton ladies of the ton, Margery Mallon lives within the boundaries of any sensible servant. Entanglements with gentlemen are taboo. Wild adventures are for the Gothic novels she secretly reads. Then an intriguing stranger named Mr. Ward offers her a taste of passion, and suddenly the wicked possibilities are too tempting to resist….

Henry Atticus Richard Ward is no ordinary gentleman. He’s Lord Wardeaux and he is determined to unite Margery with her newfound inheritance by any means—including seduction and deception. But when the ton condemns the scandalous servant-turned-countess and an unknown danger prepares to strike, will Margery accept Henry’s protection in exchange for her trust?

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