Eleanor and Alais in Germany & Turkey

I am thrilled… The Queen’s Pawn has been picked up not just in Germany, which is amazing enough, but now it will be available in Turkey. I love that bothGermans and Turks will soonread a bit about Eleanor. Sherode through both the Empire ofGermany and through Constantinople (now Istanbul)on her way to the Second Crusade. Eleanor was not much of a crusader..she and her lords from Aquitaine and Poitou spent most of their time avoiding battle, but she was a huge fan of Turkish baths, as we will see in To Be Queen.

Alais, as far as we know, never got farther fromParis than Windsor and Bath, butno doubt Eleanor will look after her as they travel to beautiful and exotic foreign lands.

In my next blog entry, I will explain how foreign sales happen, and how mine took place. A little information for the curious, and for those of you working to be authors who will someday have this experience yourselves.So tune in Monday…and we will explore how my foreign sales happened, and what you can expect when your agent gets you a foreign deal.

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