Do Most Writers Keep a Journal?

I have kept a journal all my life. I started writing random thoughts down when I was seven years old, and I started writing fiction off and on when I was eight. I know a few writers, but I have never asked them: did they keep a journal as a child? Do they still?

There is something soothing about writing my thoughts down longhand. It clears my mind, almost like a meditation. Often when I read back over my musings, they are not particularly interesting, but every now and then I will find a jewel in the flotsam and jetsam that washes up on the shore of my notebook. And it is good to clear my mind, so that I can tune into whatever novel I am working on. Lately, I have been clearing my mind with my journal writing so that I can devote more time and focus to Eleanor.

2 Responses to “Do Most Writers Keep a Journal?

  • I tried several times as a child to keep a diary, but the prying fingers and eyes of my little brother were the perfect excuse not to.

    Then, in high school, I began keeping a notebook of sorts filled with all the events of my days and nights. Sadly, they were written in some type of weird code I devised to keep above mentioned brother quiet to my activities should he stumble upon it. I say sadly because now that I am older I have no idea of what I wrote. Oh the adventures that will forever remain secret!


  • What a great story, Christi…my bad childhood handwriting was a bit of a code in itself. I threw out those old journals years ago, since I could not read what I had written either. 🙂 Thank God for computers…

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