Coming Monday: Hetaera, Daughter of the Gods



Tune in on Monday for a talk with historical fiction author JA Coffey about her debut novel HETAERA: DAUGHTER OF THE GODS

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Novel Description:

She was the original Cinderella….Doricha is twelve when her father is murdered by a roving band of Greeks. Betrayed by a jealous priestess and sold into slavery, headstrong Dori loses her most valuable possession-her freedom. She hopes that one day she can truly be free, but not even Aesop, her mentor, can protect her. The harsh world of classical Greece has little use for the minds of women, and she finds her body traded to another owner, who transports her to a new life of luxury and political turmoil in the faraway deserts of Egypt. All she has to do is be beautiful, all she has to do is love him, and she will be kept safe.

The problem is, Dori doesn’t want to be kept–by any man. Not even the god-king Amasis, Pharaoh of Egypt.

From the ancient Thracian temple of the Bacchae to the exotic lands of Egypt where political intrigue coils like a nest of asps, Dori learns that fulfilling her father’s dying wish is not about bands around her wrists so much as it is bands around her heart. Based on persons and historical events of 26th dynasty Egypt, HETAERA fictionalizes the life of Doricha/Rhodopis–a most extraordinary woman who changed the world.

NOTE: This book contains adult content

“HETAERA- DAUGHTER OF THE GODS is a fascinating historical novel in which the strength of one woman triumphs over adversity, and ultimately frees her soul. Slave, temple dancer, concubine, courtesan, she is called many things, but each title must be stripped away so that she can discover who she truly is. A compelling story.” — Christy English, author of THE QUEEN’S PAWN and HOW TO TAME A WILLFUL WIFE

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