Closing in on a First Draft

After months of delving into Eleanor’s early life, Iam closing in on the first draft of TO BE QUEEN. I find myself moving into high gear, as I always do this close to the end of a novel. Of course, once I have the draft completed, re-writes begin.

Re-writes are an adventure, too, but a different adventure altogether. Writing is hard. Staying in the chair with a deadline looming is harder. But there is a special magicto a first draft, akind of alchemy. Though I love each incarnation of my novels, in the first draft, I get to hear the story, unedited, from the lips of my characters. In re-writes I have to go back and fix all my mistakes, and the mistakes that my editor finds. With this first draft, there is only me and Eleanor, working together toward a shared goal: making her live again.

I have almost reached that goal once more. I am almost sorry to see this first draft completed. But along with a sense of accomplishment is the joy that, soon, I will sit in the chair again, and start on the second draft.

2 Responses to “Closing in on a First Draft

  • Chris Haughton
    10 years ago

    Congrats, Christy… I don’t understand how people like yourself can create something from nothing… but I’m glad you can & do… congrats on Draft One… looking forward to getting our hands on The Queen’s Pawn.

  • Thanks Chris! I am just happy that Eleanor’s story is so fascinating…no matter how well I think I know her, she always surprises me. And thank you for grabbing THE QUEEN’S PAWN. It won’t be long now…just a few more months until it will be on the shelves…I’m getting excited. Can you tell?

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