Christy in the Hall of Louis VII, Princess Alais’ Father


As you may have read earlier on my blog, I was fortunate enough to go to Paris last April to celebrate the sale of THE QUEEN’S PAWN. While I was there, I shot a video diary for myself and for my future readers. Here is the second entry.

Atfter visiting Notre Dame, I went to the Conciergerie where Marie Antoinette met her fate. But before it was a prison, in the time of Princess Alais and her father Louis VII, it was the Palace of the City. That palace has changed a great deal since Louis VII’s time, but I took some video of the old great hall, so you can see it. The Parisians use it an as art gallery now; the architecture is really beautiful.

Please pardon my hair in this episode. It is the worst comb job of all the video blog entries. I was so excited when I got there that I simply turned the camera on and started talking. And when I had finished, I was so in love with all I’d filmed, that I figured, my bad hair was second banana. As usual, the places to do with Eleanor and Alais, Louis and Philippe Auguste, are the stars of my show. I hope you enjoy.

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