Christy at the Louvre: Part II


Here I am at the Louvre, checking out the walls Philippe Auguste built. Once more, my hair is askew…

4 Responses to “Christy at the Louvre: Part II

  • That was cool!!! Thanks for filming for us…I’d definitely rather be there right now then sitting at a boring desk!!

    PS – you sound Oh la la with your French accent 😉

  • Thanks Amy! I work at my accent, but it is considered passable in Paris, barely. 🙂 I do love Philippe Auguste! I have one more Louvre post to make…

  • It is amazing to be able to see those walls. Little or nothing remains of the walls Philippe Auguste built around Paris, so I’m glad some of his work on the Louvre can still be seen. I always enjoy walking through that part of it.

    Oh, and Lady Moppet and I thank you for stopping by our blog!

  • Thank Lady Moppet for sharing her time at Henry VIII’s court…I look forward to the next installment…

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