Reflecting on Gratitude

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I love this time of year. I love eating with friends and family, preparing to give presents, giving presents, making pies, eating with friends and family…wait…I already said that. But in the midst of the extra busyness that comes with the holidays, I find myself reflecting on my life, and on the many things I am grateful for. Aforementioned friends and family top the list, along with my work, the daily gifts of my life like my home, my waterfall, my car. And larger things, like my peace of mind. Some of these are given to me anew each day by the Universe, and some are hard won. But they all remind me that the path I have chosen, the path of an artist, is not always an easy road, but it is a blessed one. And I am grateful to be on it.

Waterfalls Wednesday: Looking Glass Falls

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When I first came to the mountains, long before I moved here, one of my favorite sights from the road was Looking Glass Falls. The sun was to bright when I took this picture, so this photo doesn’t do the waterfall justice…when you come to the mountains of western North Carolina, you’ll need to see it for yourself. It is lovely. But my attempt at a photo will give you some idea at least.


Looking Glass Falls

On my first visit to the falls, this butterfly was there to greet me, and I knew I had come home.

Butterfly on Stone

Reflections on the End of Summer

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As summer draws to its close, so does my latest draft, and I find myself reflecting on all the fun I’ve had, both drinking in the heat and sun and drinking in the joy of putting a new book down on paper. It amazes me how quickly time goes by now, quicker every day it seems, but as fast as the river travels, I try to remind myself of the beauty all around me and of the joy I find in it. Mindfulness is sometimes elusive, but when I reach out for it, I find it there, waiting for me, as if I never left.

So here’s to productivity and the whirling of the world, and here’s to the still silence in the center of it.

Quote of the Week

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As I work on my character-talk in the second book of the Terror of the Ton series, I reflect on this quote. I need to mind what I say to myself as much as what I say to and with my characters. Writing is building a world, but so is living.

Quote of the Week

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21276_532778006779349_1917262223_nSomething deep this week…I do love this quote. I spend so much time talking to my characters on the page that I don’t always pay enough attention to what I am telling myself about my own life story. Here’s to keeping thoughts filled with Light.

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