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As you all know, I adore my characters. And when I was writing HOW TO TRAIN YOUR HIGHLANDER, a scene showed up with Alex and Catherine in it (my lovers from book 1) we couldn’t use it, but it was so cute I’ve included it below. Happy Holidays to all of you, and happy reading!



Just after Catherine sees Mary Elizabeth kiss Harry, she goes straight to Alex with the news. This is the scene that happens just before Alex goes down to confront Harry in the library. He is NOT okay with any man, even a duke, kissing his little sister.


Catherine met her husband in their room, feeling clandestine to be closeted away with him in the middle of the afternoon. Alex, it seemed, had no such qualms, and was already trying to undo the tapes on her gown as soon as she closed the door behind her.

“Alex!” she said. “I need to speak with you.”

Catherine felt his lips on her throat, caressing the underside of her ear, and she shivered, for that was one of her favorite places on Earth to be kissed. She felt her resolve wavering, but knew that she had to speak up, for Mary Elizabeth’s sake.”Alex,” she said, this time a little less vehement, and more than a bit breathless. “Mary Elizabeth has been flirting with the duke.”

To her surprise and chagrin, at this revelation, her husband did not pause in his antics. He almost had her bodice open, and her skirt to falling to the floor. That was when she knew that she must rally, or all would be lost, at least for the next half hour. Catherine drew on her fortitude, and stepped away from her husband’s hands.

Alex, for his part, looked as dumbfounded as if she had struck him. She never before turned down his caresses.

“Shall I fetch the leather gloves you love?” he asked

Catherine felt herself blush at the very thought of that black leather against her skin, though she was a married woman of almost two months. He saw her blush, and smiled, beginning to cross the room to her, even as she tied up her gown.

“Alexander Waters, attend me.”

“I am trying to, leannan. You keep running away.”

“Alex, listen to me.” Catherine hid behind a large armchair, though she knew it was not large enough to hold him off for long. She needed to be quick.

“Mary Elizabeth has been flirting with the Duke of Northumberland.”

For the first time, Alex seemed to hear her. “The Recluse Duke?” he asked. “No one has seen hide nor hair of him since Mary Elizabeth and Robbie arrived two days ago.”

“I saw him not half an hour ago in the portrait gallery.” Alex frowned to hear it, and she went on. “I may have seen the duke, but Mary Elizabeth has been kissing him.”

Alex frowned like thunder then, and straightened his waistcoat. It was Catherine who had to move fast that time, to get between him and the door.

“Alex, don’t go running mad. We’re His Grace’s guests and we must be civil.”

Her husband set her aside, gently, but with determination. “His High and Mighty Worship set civility aside when he kissed my sister.”


Success and Joy

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I have to admit that I am very out of touch with the business end of writing. I do not spend a lot of time worrying about how my books are doing because I work so many hours at my day job. The time I have away from the bank is sacred, and money in relation to my books is the last thing I want to think about. I’ll get the early sales numbers from HOW TO SEDUCE A SCOT soon. While this will tell me how it sold in the first month it was out, those numbers will not be a complete picture of my new book’s success.

To me, the book, both books, are a success already. Because they brought me so much joy, first in the writing of them, and then in the sharing of them with all of you. I hope Broadswords and Ballrooms appeals to lots of readers and does well…all authors pray for that. But even if they don’t, I love them still. That love and the joy it brings me are pay the same way a royalty check is.

I suppose the ideal situation is when joy and money come together, hand in hand, like beautiful tow-headed twins.

But whether those twins show up on my doorstep like the blessing they are, I have to admit, my writing already brings me joy in abundance.

How To Wed A Warrior on The Middle of the Air

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How To Wed A Warrior Small

I had the best time talking with Ken Butcher at Novels and Novelties in Hendersonville, NC about romance, true love, and the writing life for his website The Middle of the Air. Hit the link below if you want to hear a little about my experience writing HOW TO WED A WARRIOR.

Christy Englsih

Regency Friday: Winner of HOW TO BED A BARON

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Sorry to disappear for so long..between prepping for my HOW TO WED A WARRIOR launch, my day job, and a relaxing time in Charleston, I forgot to post the winner of last week’s give away…

The winner is…




Thank you to everyone who participated. Please tune n Monday for a review and a give away of Victoria Vane’s HELL ON HEELS

Monday Give Away: Regency Fun Squared

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Lovely folks, today I am giving away two Kindle books…a copy of my latest comedic romp HOW TO SEDUCE A SCOT along with its follow up novella HOW TO BED A BARON…Just leave a comment below and I’ll put your name in the hat to win. The winner will be announced next week right here so stay tuned…

Happy Monday All!


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