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I feel very lucky to have not one but two books coming out by the end of this year. I have written a novel called Waking Sarah Ann that comes out December 9th. This is the first time I have revealed the beautiful cover art done by Victoria Cooper Art.

We’re having a book launch on December 15th at 3PM at the French Broad Book Bar and Kitchen. I am over the moon.

Here’s a description of the book below:

A middle manager in a small southern bank, Sarah Ann moves from one day to the next in a sort of mindless fog. After the death of her mother and the loss of love of her life, her existence is lackluster and passionless. Until the day she is diagnosed with early onset dementia, and she finds out that her personality as she knows it has less than a year to live.

Electrified and energized for the first time in years, Sarah Ann ignores her doctors’ advice, refusing to lock herself away in the prison of an assisted living facility. Instead, she transforms her life, selling her grandmother’s house and cashing in her 401-K, leaving her soulless job behind. After a brief, passionate fling with a gentleman mechanic who has been her friend since high school, Sarah Ann and her tabby cat Sebastian set out from her home in Savannah, GA on a spiritual odyssey. She drives across the country on a quest to discover if she might learn to live with joy before it is too late.

As she comes closer to Oregon where assisted suicide is legal, Sarah Ann faces the ultimate choice: should she allow her body to live on once her mind is gone, or should she end her life while she is still herself?

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