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Sneak Peek: A Visit from Anabelle Bryant

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Defying the Earl (Regency Charms - Book 1)

Sneak Peek: A Visit from Anabelle Bryant

Anabelle’s Inspiration:

I’ve had the idea for this series in my mind for years, so it’s very exciting to see it come to fruition. The Regency Charms series is based on a charm bracelet passed from story to story, each charm in some way connected to the hero and heroine’s romance. I love charms of all kinds and it was so much fun to write a touch of whimsical serendipity into my plot, most especially in how the charm bracelet influences each love story. Right now, the series is designed as a quartet, but the stories were so much fun to write, I can easily see more charms being added!

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Excerpt from DEFYING THE EARL by Anabelle Bryant

Was there a note of flirtation in her voice? The minx. She had to know he meant to kiss her. Nothing but anticipation separated their mouths. His palm cupped her cheek with exquisite gentleness, his fingertips feathering to the back of her neck to draw her closer.

Would the same pulse of desire surge through him as he succumbed to another of her kisses? He lowered his lips, surrendering to inevitability and with infinite finesse, captured her rosy mouth. What was meant as a delicate exploration transformed into urgent hot need, no poetry necessary. Her gasp whispered between them as if a secret shared and he acted on the invitation, stroking his tongue against hers with ardent enthusiasm. She matched him measure for measure, more eloquent than any lyric verse recited upstairs, the pentameter of his heartbeat, heavy and strong.

He tasted her, drinking from her kiss deep and long, his breath mingling in short exhales, his nose nudging hers aside to allow perfect alignment with her lips. She gave the sweetest little whimper in the back of her throat and it vibrated through him, settling in his groin where he grew hard with need and want. He couldn’t explain how thoroughly she affected him. Didn’t care. Every emotion he’d assumed apathetic and indifferent awakened in his soul, pricking desire to high riot and provoking a libidinous craving that demolished decorum’s boundaries. He pressed closer, ferociously hungry, his body tensed with anticipation and driven by the play of her tongue against his.

Friday Reads: Defying the Earl by Anabelle Bryant

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I am thrilled that my friend Anabelle Bryant has a new book coming out next week…the first in her Regency Charms series. Needless to say, I’ve already pre-ordered mine 🙂


Defying the Earl

Matchmaker Wilhelmina Montgomery helps cupid’s arrow find its mark in the drawing rooms of the Ton, effortlessly pairing even the most unlikely couples for a discreet fee. Perhaps not an appropriate pursuit for a lady…but with an ailing sister to care for, it’s Whimsy’s only hope at securing their future.

Meanwhile, penniless aristocrat Valerian St. David, Earl of Dashwood is society’s favourite matchbreaker; assisting those who want to escape engagement without being sued for breach of promise. Cynical, yes…but with no intention of falling in love himself, Valerian considers himself ideally suited to the role.

And match!
When Whimsy discovers that Valerian has set out to break the very engagement she has been painstakingly arranging, she refuses to allow this mysterious saboteur have his way. Yet she didn’t expect to find the handsome Earl so distractingly alluring. And suddenly, it seems that the Ton’s last two loneliest hearts are in danger of finding their match…in the most inopportune of places.

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