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Regency Friday: Maggie May Fashions

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Maggie May Fashions


I am a very fortunate woman…fortunate in my readers and my friends. A reader who is also a friend sent me a lovely Regency gown a couple of months ago. It is a beautiful peach with a rainbow underskirt…it is just darling! I am looking forward to wearing it a conference. When I do, I’ll have one of my buddies take a photo of me in it so I can share the fun.


But as today is Regency Friday, I found myself thinking of the Regency “jacket” I adore from the fabulous Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice, the spencer. Now I know that the spencer is a staple of Regency dress and can be found in every production, but the ones Lizzie wore in my favorite Pride and Prejudice struck me as especially beautiful.

When I was online this morning I ran across a brilliant website, Maggie May’s Clothing’s Dress Diaries. The entire site is a jewel, but my favorite so far are the beautiful spencers. Come and take a gander…you’ll be enthralled too…if you’re mad about the Regency period 🙂 Which I am…

Second and Third Draft Joy

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As I completed my latest brain child, the first book in my new Regency series, Terror of the Ton, I was struck by how much fun I had writing the first draft. The book is a romance, of course, and a comedy, so the laughter + the Happily Ever After factor make for a fun ride, even as I was writing.

The trick to working on the second and third drafts is that I am often still in love with the book. Now being in love with your own book is a good thing. It’s a natural part of the book-writing process. But before too long, I find that I have to detach and try to look at my novel as my editor is going to: namely, look for the holes, the inconsistencies, the places where the plot drags. I also try to look for small mistakes, the places in the manuscript where the same character has different colored eyes in different scenes, and for times when my heroine wears two different colored dresses in the same scene.

So when I work on 2nd and third drafts, I try to look for typos and small errors, but more importantly, I try to look at the novel as a whole, at the arc of the plot and where it needs tightening. Of course, no matter how careful I am, I still miss a lot. Which is why I have the fabulous Mary Altman looking over my shoulder, to keep me out of the proverbial traffic, helping me to each novel the best that it can be.

Quote of the Week

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Regency Reads: Gina Conkle

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I have a fabulous Regency/ Georgian romance to recommend this Friday: MEET THE EARL AT MIDNIGHT  by Gina Conkle. I just finished it this week and I absolutely adored it. I loved watching this unconventional beauty tame her beast. If you don’t have this one yet, click on the link below and pick it up. You’ll be glad you did…



“A refreshing Georgian spin on Beauty and the Beast.” — Grace Burrowes, New York Times Best Selling author of Once Upon a Tartan


It’s going to take a Beast to tame this Beauty
The Enigma Earl. The Lord Phantom. That’s what the gossip pages call Lord Greenwich, a mysterious nobleman who doesn’t show his face in London Society. With a reputation like that, it’s no wonder that Lydia Montgomery is horrified to be dragged from bed and packed off to live with him to save her mother from penury.
While Lydia has received all of the training a lady should endure, she’s decidedly un-ladylike. She despises her corset and isn’t interested in marriage; in fact, she would prefer to remain unmarried so that she can spend her time improving her art. But if she wants a chance at happiness, she’ll have to set aside her fear of Lord Greenwich and discover the man hiding behind the beast.

Quote of the Week

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Rumi Image Tree of Life Bess Hamiti“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”
―     Rumi

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