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Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year All! From me, and from James “Jack” Montgomery…I hope 2014 is fabulous for all of us!

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Light As A Choice

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My endless thanks to Christy K Robinson for hosting me for this blog post. First seen on Mary Sharratt’s beautiful blog last year, Christy let me reprise my thoughts again this year. Here’s to the Light all around us, and to seeking the Light within…

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Light As A Choice

Regency Christmas with Regina Jeffers

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Regina Jeffers has a wonderful post on her blog about celebrating a Regency Christmas…hit the link below and check it out. I was glad I did.

And Merry Christmas to all of you!



Celebrating A Regency Christmas

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The Queen’s Pawn Makes Kate Quinn’s Best of the Year List

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Yes, I know, THE QUEEN’S PAWN came out in 2010. But my sweet friend and colleague Kate Quinn just read it this year. And she loved it, which brought tears to my eyes. Take a look at Eleanor and Alais on her best books of the year list. I am honored and thrilled.


Kate Quinn’s Top Ten Books of the Year

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Regency Friday: Dressing Up Austen-Style

Friday, December 13th, 2013 | Regency Fridays | 4 Comments

I adore the Regency period, or at least my very clean, very wealthy version of it. In my books, all the men are rich and handsome, and all the women are beautiful and fiery. They wear silk gowns and dance at elaborate balls, often with the Pricne Regent in attendance. In my novels, there are no Luddite riots, no starving veterans left to beg in the streets, wounded from the Napoleonic Wars.

And I am not alone in this adoration.

We have elaborate fantasies like AUSTENLAND where ladies pay to enjoy the fantasy of dressing in Regency gowns, and living a weekend worth of regency life.

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And in real life, there are people who dress up in Regency clothing, and who enjoy casting themselves back into the past by reenacting it. Take a look at the video above of a modern version of a Regency ball held at Bath. I tell you, dressing up and dancing with men in tight breeches sounds like a lot of fun to me.






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