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Regency Friday: The Regency Townhouse

Friday, August 24th, 2012 | Regency Fridays | No Comments

I suppose I should call this entry Yet One More Place I Yearn To Go…the list seems endless. Maybe one day I will make it to Brighton and Bath. But until then, I can live vicariously through beautiful sites like this one.

I would love to traipse up the staircase in this house and explore those restored rooms…and now we can, with one of their guided tours.

Take a look at this marvelous site…I hope you enjoy this journey into the past as much as I did.


Photo of the Regency Town House front aspect

The Regency Townhouse, Brighton

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Character and Fate

Monday, August 13th, 2012 | The Writing Life | No Comments


I found in an old notebook last night a quote I’d written down months ago. “A man’s character is his fate.” Heraclitus.

And a woman’s too, I suppose. When I write about my characters on the page, I am bound by the dictates of who they are. There are some things that Eleanor of Aquitaine simply would never do. Sign away her birthright, for example.  And there are other things  that she would always do. Keep her focus on the future, maintain her sense of self.

Eleanor of Aquitaine is a good example of how character is fate. She would never make peace simply to appease someone else, simply to make her life easier. And she would never start a war that she wasn’t certain she could win. Of course, she did lose, often. But the reason we still remember her over 800 years later is that she never gave up. Even when she was forced to submit to her second husband’s rule, during all those years when she was locked away from her people, her lands and her son, she was still herself. Her character was her fate. Her strength was her fate. And as fate would have it, her favorite son eventually became king and she walked out of her prison ready to do battle with the world again.

We are the actions we take. Our character directs those actions. Those actions build our fate.


Romance and Beauty

Monday, August 6th, 2012 | The Writing Life | 2 Comments

Photo provided by Carolyn Williams

A friend of a friend took this photo, and Carolyn was so inspired by it that she sent it on to me.  I am not certain where this photo was taken…Maine? France? North Carolina? (Where Carolyn and I are from) In a way, it doesn’t matter, because this photo, the beauty of an unknown place, reflects the beauty I search for every time I turn on my computer or pick up my pen. Because romance novels are about good plots, fun characters and hot love scenes, but also something more. Romance is an attempt to capture the ephemeral, the beauty of love that can not be conveyed in words. Paintings and photos do a better job, but sometimes our words come close.

When I look at this photo where sea and sky meet, I see those cottages by the water and wonder who is living there, and what their stories are. We all have a story to tell, though we don’t often think of that. Our lives are our stories, as filled with beauty as they are filled with pain. So here’s to the beauty in life, and our attempts to capture it. May our eyes see, may our cameras and canvases reveal, and may our words find the right way to illuminate that beauty for those times when we are alone in the dark.

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