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The Mountain Comes To You

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 | Reflections, Video Blog Entries | No Comments

Sometimes, when I’m sitting at my desk, writing about another world, I long to see a little more of this one. Today is one of those days. So I dove into my video archive, and found this view of Canaan Valley in West Virginia. Sometimes the mountain really can come to you.

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Voyage of Discovery

Monday, May 7th, 2012 | The Writing Life | 4 Comments

Every time I open a novel, I feel as if I am going on a journey. A voyage of discovery with characters I do not yet know, but who I hope I will to come to love. That doesn’t always happen, of course, though I always want it to. I want to fall in love with the people an author has created, characters who have helped weave their story into a tapestry that becomes a finished book.

It is a sublime moment when I begin to fall in love with a novel and with the characters in it. Sometimes, when I am very lucky, it happens on the first page, in the first paragraph.  I find myself stepping onto the ship built by the author’s hands, riding the waves of the story with the protagonist as each new conflict is revealed, as each new hurdle is faced, and sometimes conquered. Sometimes, the hurdles conquer the characters, and that is interesting, too, for in life we all face defeat. What fascinates me the most is when the characters I have come to love rise from defeat to try again, to build their lives in a new way, making new choices, finding new roads. They patch their ship, and wait for the next wave. As a reader on the voyage with them, I hope that the next wave will reveal the first hint of dry land, an undiscovered country that might just be paradise.

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