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Meeting My Editor: Exploring Uncharted Waters

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009 | The Writing Life | 1 Comment

Yesterday was an incredible day. I had lunch with my agent, Margaret, and my editor, Claire. We sat at a table for four, soI liked to think that my character, Eleanor of Aquitaine, sat in thefourth chair, at least in spirit. (Writers have crazy ideas like this…those of you who follow the lure of storytelling may know what I mean.)
We discussed the next book, TO BE QUEEN, and marketing ideas for THE QUEEN’S PAWN. As we talked, the ideas kept flowing and I kept taking notes between bites of burger and fries. (No cute little salad for me, in spite of myinitial good intentions. I love real food. What can I say?)
We ironed out ideas for Eleanor’s next adventures, and things came clear that had been cloudy for me before. I was reminded again of how important a good editor is, of how a keen eye and a gift for steering a storyteller can bring out the best in a writer, this time in me. Though I had not seen my editor in almost a year, I sank roots deeper into the idea that I am not in this alone. Though Eleanor and I have taken ship on uncharted seas, I have a radio on board, and I can talk to Claire. She can give advice when the seas rise and the ship looks like it will sink. Between the steady gaze of Claire and thewonders of Eleanor’s life, I find myself in good hands indeed. Here’s to the sea, the open sky, and uncharted waters. I look forward to seeing what I will bring back.

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